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            * Empowering you to achieve your pinnacle of success *

The Intensive English Programs - ESL will help you significantly improve your English skills and achieve greater fluency!   Our programs are focused on 4 skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening, with emphasis on oral communication.

I.  Intensive English Program for Students

The IEP for English Program for Students will help students primarily in grades 6 through college improve their English skills, achieve greater fluency, improve comprehension and grades, and fully prepare them for middle, high school or college/university study in the U.S.

The Intensive English Program for Students curriculum includes weekly classroom instruction and practice in all key language skills: speaking, listening, pronunciation, vocabulary, reading and writing.

Students practice conversation skills and other speaking skills using practical, real-world English, learn to write with accuracy and effectiveness, develop strategic listening skills and improve their use of grammar.

Skills Enhancement Classes allow students to customize their program to suit individual interests. Sample classes include American Idioms, American Film, Current Events and American Culture. We work with students on their individual language skills and objectives.  Academic advising is included in the program for students who are considering further study at an American college/university.  Course length may be four, six or eight weeks.

Course available in private/one-on-one, semi-private/2, or small group/3-5 instruction.

II.  Intensive English Program for Business English 

The IEP Business English covers the following skills: giving presentations, participating in meetings, job interviewing, writing English: letters, e-mails, business reports, negotiating agreements, telephone etiquette, explaining and defending positions, and using business vocabulary and idiomatic expressions in work-related conversation.

The IEP Business English curriculum includes 20 lessons per week of classroom instruction and practice in all key language skills: speaking, listening, pronunciation, vocabulary, reading and writing.  Courses are approximately 2 weeks.

Business English instructors work with students to build their business skills through practice in a controlled setting using interactive instructional tools such as role-plays and simulations.

Course discussions are based on up-to-the-minute business news in subject areas including globalization, outsourcing, the Internet, branding, and living and working internationally. Students learn and have the opportunity to use new vocabulary, terminology, phrases and technical jargon.

Course available in private/one-on-one, semi-private/2, or small group/3-5 instruction.

III.  IEP Business English for Executives & Professionals

The Intensive English for Executives & Professionals Program is designed for junior and mid-level professionals who want to combine general English practice along with career-specific communication training. Course is designed for executives, professionals (doctors, lawyers, etc.).  The English for Executives Program consists of three 50-minutes interactive group lessons and three personalized, 50-minute one-to-one lessons each day in group classes. The course length may be two or four weeks. 

IV.  Specialized ESL Classes

All classes are designed for adults who have developed basic fluency in written and spoken English and who wish to further improve their language skills effectively and quickly for academic or career purposes. To learn more: Click here.

V.  Fees

Our fees vary according to the type of IEP, the type of instruction (one-on-one, semi-private or group) and duration.  Please call us for details, our customized one-on-one programs or small group classes.

E-mail: info@pinnacleeducationalcenter.com    

Woodbridge: 203.387.1574 | Greenwich: 203.542.7288 | Manhattan: 212.829.4341

White Plains: 914.705.5519 | Fort Lee: 201.490.1037