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        * Empowering you to achieve your pinnacle of success *

                                         Yes! I got in!

At Pinnacle, we know and understand the COMPETITIVE NATURE of the college admissions process in highly selective, competitive and Ivy League colleges and universities.

Pinnacle is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BHA Education Consultants.  BHA provides all college admissions advisory services for Pinnacle.

In the present selective admissions climate, there are no safety schools.  Competition is an integral and fundamental part of college admissions.  At Pinnacle, we understand competition and embrace it!

Year after year, 97% or more of BHA Education/Pinnacle clients receive acceptance letters to their top-choice colleges.  A percentage unmatched by ANY suburban or even elite private school!

Don't believe us?  Ask the director of guidance at public schools, or director of college counseling at private schools if all seniors (or their parents) are happy where they eventually attended college.  Better yet, ask the seniors if they had to settle for less, after 4 years of hard work and parents' financial and temporal investment.


1.  We spend unlimited time with parents and students, by sometimes even providing home consultation visits as well as phone conferences.

2.  We supplement, complement and add value to the efforts of high school counselors by working one-on-one with your child.

3.  We identify details that may be overlooked and help you avoid irreparable mistakes.

4.  We problem spot as well as problem solve.

5.  We bridge the gap between what you believe you know what you should do and what you actually must do.

6.  We work efficiently, rapidly, efficiently, and diligently because the college admissions process, which starts in grade 7, is time-sensitive.

7.  We view the college admissions process as a team approach - parents, students and Pinnacle.

8.  We understand that K-12 is an investment of money, time, energy and love.  Parents want a tangible ROI - an acceptance letter from the BEST college for their child.

9.  At Pinnacle, our president, CEO and lead consultant, Dr. Paul R. Lowe, knows first hand, as a parent of children, all of whom have matriculated at Ivy League universities, and as an Ivy League alumnus that education is a long-term commitment and long-term investment that holds its value over time and appreciates in value.

10.  As professional education/college admissions consultants, we personally visit over 90 colleges and universities annually.  We, therefore, know the right people at the university level to contact for insight, information and insider knowledge and have the experience dealing diplomatically with complex personalities.

11.  We attend over 40 local, regional, national and international educational conferences, seminars and workshops where we meet university and college-senior administrators, deans/directors of specific departments(i.e. engineering, arts, economics, business, science, film, music, athletics, etc.) who discuss educational policy in their schools.

12.  We have the experience figuring out how to match kids to the institution where they will thrive and mature.

13.  We have the cumulative and intricate knowledge about colleges to help students pick the right one.

14.  In other words, at Pinnacle, we do our homework.  We do it well, and are the BEST in the college admissions consulting business!

Why settle for anything less when it's your child's future?

Why have your child settle for less, after all the (your) years of hard work?

What if your child attends private high school? The financial investment? $50,000 to $300,000?  Local, national as well as global buyers of talent and employers look at your child's college alma mater not high school!

Isn't it worth your child's future to call Pinnacle?

(1)  Why Dr. Lowe As Your Personal Admissions Advisor and Independent Educational Consultant?

(2)  For college admissions:  Why you need us even when your child already has a high school guidance counselor?

Our specialized college admissions services: CLICK HERE

Deferred or rejected from Early Decision/Action? Post-Decision Services

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