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* Empowering you to achieve your pinnacle of success *

A National Center for Education Statistics study found that transfers from college frequently relate to dissatisfaction with:

  • Their institution's prestige or lack of.
  • Intellectual growth at their current school.
  • Their pre-graduate school preparation.
  • The on-campus as well as off-campus social life.

In other words, for whatever reason, students are unhappy and want an UPGRADE!

Unfortunately, the college you’re currently attending can’t or will not help you much with leaving it and there is no public high school guidance counselor or private school college counselor available to help you through this highly competitive process!

That's why you need experts who can successfully help you through the process and provide you with College Transfer Admissions Advisory Services.

We develop transfer admissions advisory strategies personalized for our clients that are not found on the internet, in blogs, books, publications and definitely not at the colleges or universities where they currently attend! 

Transfer admissions advisory services:

  • Development of a transfer admissions plan.
  • Guidance and counseling through the transfer admissions process.
  • Review, analysis and evaluation of academic and extracirricular background.
  • Standardized test assessment and planning.
  • College research and selection.
  • Application development and assistance.
  • Essay and supplement essay development and assistance.
  • Letter of recommendation selection and review.
  • Mock interview and communication-skills techniques.
  • American culture and etiquette coaching.
  • Preparation for school visits.
  • Advocacy and liaison advisory services.

Why pay tuition at a school for 4 years where you will be unhappy?


For more information about transferring, please visit:

College Transfer Admissions Acceptance 2016

E-mail: info@pinnacleeducationalcenter.com 

Woodbridge: 203.387.1574 | Greenwich: 203.542.7288 | Manhattan: 212.829.4341

White Plains: 914.705.5519 | Fort Lee: 201.490.1037